Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dia de la Madre en Argentina con!

En, tenemos una fuerte conexión con varios países en el mundo - ya sea por familia y/o amigos en el extranjero, o simplemente porque hay algunos paises que son nuestros países favoritos, definitivamente hay algunos lugares que se sienten mas cercanos a nuestro corazon. Uno de estos países es Argentina, donde el domingo, 16 de octubre, 2016, se celebrara el Día de la Madre. Ya sea que la llames mamá, ma, o por otro apodo, todo significa la misma cosa. La simple palabra nos recuerda lo afortunados que somos y la cantidad de energía que han puesto en nosotros para que nos convirtamos en los adultos que somos hoy. Este Día de la Madre, aprovecha y hace que tu madre sepa lo mucho que la queres mediante el envío de un regalo especial de

Con, podes hacer un pedido para cualquier parte de Argentina. Hoy vamos a estar hablando de algunos de estos lugares y al mismo tiempo, te estaremos dando ideas para el regalo para el Dia de la Madre.

Necesitas mandar flores a Capital Federal? te puede ayudar. Este Dia de la Madre le podes mandar a tu mama el Arreglo Mixto en Tonos de Rojo y Rosa. El Arreglo Mixto en Tonos de Rosa y Rojo es un ramo impresionante que ofrece hermosos contrastes con su combinación de flores. Hermosas rosas rojas y claveles son combinados con claveles de color rosa suave y alstroemerias. Este es el arreglo perfecto para el Dia de la Madre!
Arreglo Mixto en Tonos de Rosa y Rojo
Mandar flores a la Provincia de Buenos Aires nunca fue tan facil! te puede ayudar a mandar flores La Plata o a cualquier lugar en la Provincia de Buenos Aires. Si te gustaria mandar un arreglo mas tradicional, que te parece el Bouquet de 12 Rosas Rosadas, de ProGiftNet,com? Este hermoso arreglo de una docena de delicadas rosas rosadas constituye un ramo clásico que crea un regalo ideal para el Dia de la Madre. Si preferis otro color de rosas, tambien es posible. Solo nos tenes que avisar y haremos todo lo posible para satisfacer el pedido.
Bouquet de 12 Rosas Rosadas
Mandar flores a Cordoba es facil con Si tu mama, o una hermana que es mama, una abuela, etc. esta en Cordoba, te puede ayudar a mandarle flores para el Dia de la Madre. Que te parece enviarles el Bouquet de Luz Solar y Margaritas? Bouquet de Luz Solar y Margaritas es el más alegre de los ramos de flores, lleno de luz y de alegría para esa persona especial. Un hermoso arreglo de rosas amarillas y lirios peruanos, junto con margaritas blancas y exuberantes follajes verdes situados en un florero de cristal. Es el regalo perfecto para este Dia de la Madre!
Bouquet de Luz Solar y Margaritas
Finalmente, el ultimo lugar del que vamos a estar hablando en el dia de hoy es Mendoza. Si tenes que mandar flores a Mendoza, nunca fue mas facil que con Si tenes un ser querido en Mendoza este Dia de la Madre, que te parece mandarle el Bouquet Bouquet de Dulzura con Chocolates de El Bouquet de Dulzura de es un regalo extraordinario. Gerberas rosadas, claveles rosas, crisantemos color lavanda, lirios peruanos blancos y follaje están perfectamente situados en un florero de cristal claro. Al llegar con una caja de 4 piezas de chocolate, este ramo da a su destinatario especial un deseo dulce que lo sorprendera y deleitara.

Esperamos que les haya gustado este blog. Recuerde, si necesitas mandar flores dentro de la misma ciudad, o al otro lado del mundo, está aca para ayudarte. Para ayudarte con el regalo nos gustaría ofrecer una oferta para esta fecha especial - realice su pedido antes del sabado, 15 de octubre, 2016, para recibir 15% de descuento en su pedido. Solamente tiene que mencionar el código "MADRE2016" en la sección de comentarios al momento de pagar. Recuerde, los descuentos son aplicables al precio de compra del artículo, y no se pueden aplicar a los impuestos y los gastos de envío. Realice su pedido en hoy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Preparing for Hurricane Matthew with

We know that this is a little bit different than the things we usually post about, but here at, it is something we thought should be discussed - Hurricane Matthew. Our blog name is from Miami to the World because it is our home base, and in all honesty, Hurricane Matthew is definitely something that is on all of our minds, not only in Miami, but all throughout Florida, especially on the Eastern coast, as well as South Carolina and all coastal areas.  For these reasons, we wanted to share a little bit of information on some ways to prepare and provide a checklist of items you should have at home to prepare for the storm.

Remember, when purchasing items and going through your pantry, there should be enough food and water for every member in your household (including pets!) to last at least 3 full days.

Basic Needs:
Drinking water (1 gallon per person per day)
Manual can opener
Nonperishable foods, including canned meat, fish, fruit,or vegetables
Bread in moisture proof packaging
Cookies, candy or dried fruit
Canned soups & nonperishable milk
Powdered or single serve drinks
Cereal or granola bars
Peanut butter and jelly
Instant tea or coffee
Flashlight (1 per person) and portable battery powered lanterns
Large trash bags (lots of them)
Battery operated radio
Extra batteries, including hearing aid batteries
First aid kit including aspirin, antibiotic cream
Mosquito repellent
Sunscreen (45 SPF recommended)
Waterproof matches / butane lighter
Money *
Unscented bleach or water purification tablets (add 8 drops of bleach per gal.)

Sterno fuel
Portable camp stove or grill w/ utensils
Stove fuel, charcoal w/ lighter fluid or propane
Disposable eating utensils, plates, cups
Napkins and paper towels
Aluminum foil
Oven mitts

Personal Supplies
Prescription medicines (1 month supply and copy of prescriptions)
Feminine hygiene products
Toilet paper
Entertainment: books, games, toys and magazines
Bedding: pillows, sleeping bag
Change of clothing
Rain ponchos, rain boots, and work gloves
Extra eye glasses or contacts

Important Documents Placed in a Waterproof Container
Insurance documents
A list of all your important contacts (family, doctors, insurance agents)
Banking information
Leases / mortgage
Proof of occupancy (such as utility bill)
Photo inventory of your personal belongings

If you have a baby at home, don't forget the following items:
Disposable diapers
Formula, food and medication
Bottles and feeding utensils

Sometimes a lot of people, in the rush to make sure everything is ready for the storm, tend to forget the pet supplies needed:
Dry and/or canned food
Manual can opener
Bowls for food and water to attach to the cage/carrier
ID tags and collars
Proof of recent immunizations
Water (1/2 gallon per day)
Litter box and supplies, including a little scooper
Carrying container
Plastic poop bags

Other Necessities
Tool box
ABC rated fire extinguisher
Masking tape or duct tape
Outdoor extension cords
Spray paint
Standard single line phone (that does not require electricity)
Local phone book
Roofing tarps or plastic sheeting

We hope this information helps all of those in the storm path prepare, as we all continue to follow the news closely to see where the storm will make landfall. From all of us at, we hope that you stay safe during the storm.

White Phalaenopsis Plant

Source: Hurricane Preparedness List | NBC 6 South Florida

Fall in the United States with!

Here at we hope that everyone's October has gotten off to a good start. As we mentioned in our last post when we discussed some beautiful Fall spots to travel to in Europe, we wanted to bring this next blog back home to the United States and discuss some beautiful local spots to visit that are perfect to see the leaves changing. Today we're going to be discussing The Catskills (New York), Green Mountain Byway (Vermont), and the Great Smoky Mountain (North Carolina and Tennessee). We know that there are so many more beautiful locations that can be visited, but for now, we hope you enjoy this mini trip to some amazing locations. Also, a special thank you to for their great travel posts that provide for amazing inspiration.

First on our list is The Catskills, New York. "The 6,000 square miles in southeastern New York known as the Catskills are home to six major river systems, [and] thirty-five mountain peaks over 3,500 feet. A year-round destination, the Catskills are at their most vibrant in the fall when yellows, oranges, and reds electrify the thickly wooded hillsides. The last two weeks in September through mid- to late-October are prime time for fall foliage in the Catskills."1 Can't make it to New York, but need to send flowers to New York to some friends or loved ones? is here to help. The Touch of Fall Bouquet is the perfect arrangement for the Autumn season. The Touch of Fall Bouquet, from, is a perfect for any Fall occasion. With a stunning mix of red carnations, yellow roses, and rust colored daisies, this bouquet quickly brings to mind the changing colors of the leaves on the trees this season. Send it to a friend or loved one today and let them know how special they are!
Touch of Fall Bouquet
The next place on our list is Green Mountain Byway, Vermont. This is a place near and dear to us, as we have seen it in person many times, and it is truly a magical location. "The maple, birch, and beech trees lining this eleven-mile route bisecting Vermont put on one of the most dazzling displays of color in New England. The drive from quaint Waterbury [...] to Stowe, one of the most famous ski resorts in the east, passes through two state forests and three state parks. In Stowe, the ski area gondola offers a bird's-eye view of the forested slopes and easy access to hiking. The northern Vermont leaf observation season begins the second week of September and peaks the first week in October."2 Need to send flowers to Vermont? Here at we are happy to provide a little bit of inspiration. How about sending your loved ones the Beauty of Fall Basket? The Beauty of Fall Basket, from, is a stunning mix of colors and flowers, perfect for the Autumn season. The beautiful flower basket contains pink tea roses, deep red mini carnations, orange roses, red orange Asiatic lilies, and lush green foliage. A spectacular way to give thanks to all of your friends and loved ones.
Beauty of Fall Basket
Last, but not least on today's trip are the Great Smoky Mountains, in North Carolina and Tennessee. "Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the U.S. for good reason. There are more than 100 species of native trees, including scarlet oaks, maples, sweetgums, and hickories, which put on a jaw-dropping autumn display of gold, orange, crimson, and purple. With 800 miles of scenic roads and hiking trails, you could spend days exploring these stunning forests. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is ablaze in fall color from early October through early November."3 Do you need to send flowers to North Carolina or have friends or loved ones in Tennessee which you would like to let know you are thinking of them? Send flower to them today using If you're not sure what to send, how about sending the Mixed Fall Hues Basket. The Mixed Fall Hues Basket makes a charming gift this season. Light orange roses and mixed in with pink mini carnations and Peruvian lilies, as well as burgundy carnations and tea roses. A beautiful combination with reminds everyone who lays eyes on it of the beauty of the season!
Mixed Fall Hues Basket
We hope that you have enjoyed this beautiful mini trip through some stunning locations in the United States that are perfect for seeing the Autumn colors. We are truly blessed by having so many places to visit, and there are even more locations in Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, etc., that are equally breathtaking. Also, we hope that the options we provide here help serve as a little bit of inspiration is you are not sure what you send your friends or loved ones. There are many more options online at If you don't find exactly what you are looking more, we will be happy to work with you to create the perfect custom-made arrangement. Whether you need to send flowers down the street, of halfway around the world, is here for all of your flower or gifting needs.

To make the season even more special, place your order through Sunday, October 9, 2016, and mention the code "AUTUMN2016" in your comments to receive 10% off your order + free box of chocolates. Remember, the discount is on the purchase price of the items, and is not applicable to taxes or delivery fees. Place your order at today!